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About Us


Next Day Fittings is an online provider of tried-and-true application-ready components and supplementary equipment developed for a global manufacturing industry requiring absolute efficiency and elimination of production downtime. Next Day Fittings's mission is reflected though our expansive catalog. Our products and brands we carry top quality manufacturing components from some of the most innovative suppliers in the world. From start to finish, Next Day Fittings has what you need. 

Next Day Fittings started in 2019 as an alternative distribution channel for a regional industrial supply that wanted to test the waters of global demand for their products. Traditional methods of industrial purchasing had begun to slow down due to the 2008 economic downturn and the innovative allure of eCommerce sparked interest in exploring this new way of reaching customers. Over the years, Next Day Fittings began growing their catalog with additional suppliers based on customer needs and market conditions.